The Consortium

Luceo Energy, GridQube, Ergon Energy, Energex and Essential Energy have come together as a consortium of five with the understanding that network providers visibility of LV networks is a vital and foundational capability for building the grid for the future. The Consortium’s goal for this project is to demonstrate the plethora of benefits and the cost benefit associated with the use of data from disparate sources to increase the amount of renewable energy exported to the networks.

Based across News South Wales and Queensland, each member of the consortium brings an extensive range of experience in the industry, from network distributors to data integration, smart home batteries and software models.

The consortium will collect and analyse data from any available sources within our neighbourhood electricity grids. Such sources could include smart meters and customer energy assets such as batteries, inverters or commercial equipment.

Energy networks will soon understand how they can better manage distributed energy resources and provide new opportunities to increase the solar penetration on existing energy networks.

It has a variety of benefits but one which applies to consumers is evident in the Project’s ability allow networks to continue put downward pressure on electricity prices by avoiding the cost of implementing additional assets to cope with solar. It will also ensure customers are given greater opportunities to install more distributed energy resources across the grid.