Project SHIELD’s Steering Committee comprises some of Queensland and Australia’s greatest minds in the renewable energy space. GridQube CEO Andrew Deme, Redback Technologies CEO Patrick Matweew and CFO Darryl Walk, Energex and Energy Queensland’s Future Network Strategy Manager Daniel Eghbal, Essential Energy’s Head of Strategy Joshua Harvey and The University of Queensland’s Centre for Energy Data Innovation Director Neil Horrocks meet on a quarterly basis.

As senior members of the Project Consortia, Project SHIELD’s Steering Committee’s role is to provide oversight and direction on project progress, budget control, risk management and benefits realisation. Within Project SHIELD there also exists the Project Working Group and Stakeholder Advisory Committee, both of which meet regularly in order to discuss project risks, issues, knowledge sharing and data acquisition.  



Andrew Deme

GridQube CEO

Daniel Eghbal

Energex and Energy Queensland Future Network Strategy Manager 

Neil Horrocks

Director of UQ Centre for Energy Data Innovation 

Joshua Harvey

Essential Energy Head of Strategy 

Patrick Matweew

Redback Technologies CEO

Darryl Walk

Redback Technologies CFO